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Maestro Mak Ka Lok
Conductor and Composer


1980 Diploma "Conducting"

Conservatory for Music of Vienna City

1986 Diploma

"International Toscanini Conducting Competition" 

1987 2nd Prize

"International conducting competition

for 20th Century Music" in Austria

Studied with: 

Prof. Karl Randolf,

Prof. Karl Österreicher,

Prof. Alfred Uhl.

Sir Charles Mackerras

M. Rostropovich

Prizes & Award:

1. 2000  "Culture Award" 

     Russian Regional Parliament, Voronezh

2. 2002 "Austrian Music Theatre Prize" 

3. 2022 Decoration of Honour in Gold for the services to the Republic of Austria

As a Violinist:

1975  First Violinist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

1984 Concertmaster of the St. Pölten Theatre Orchestra, Austria

As a Conductor

Voronezh Philharmonic Orchestra 1996-2000

Guest conducted:

Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra, 1980

Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, 1984

Sinfonica della Romanga, 1986

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, 1990

Beijing Central Philharmonic, 1992

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, 1993

Hong Kong Sinfonietta, 1994

Voronezh Philharmonic Orchestra, 1996

Szeged Philharmonic Orchestra, 1997

Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, 2002

Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra, 2004

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, 2006

Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra, 2006

Kiev Radio  Symphony Orchestra, 2007

Kasachstan State Philharmonic Orchestra, 2009

Qindao Symphony Orchestra, 2011

Macao Symphony Orchestra, 2012

Global Symphony Orchestra, 2013

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, 2014

North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, 2016

Croatia Chamber Orchestra, 2017


Hong Kong Arts Festival, 1991

Moscow Autumn Music Festival, 1994

Music Festival Avellino, 2007

Prokofiej Festival Almaty, Kasachstan, 2009

ISCM - "Musicarama" Festival, 2016

12th China Art Festival, Shanghai, 2019

Chopin Festival, Quangzhou, 2019

As a composer:

2001: Quartettino

performed by the Vienna Quartet at East West Festival, Austria

2003: Symphony No. 2

performed by the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra in Baden, Austria

2004: Concert Suites

performed by the Martins Philharmonic Orchestra in Baden, Austria

2005: Trauer Musik

performed by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra in Musikverein, Vienna

2010:  "The Bat and the Sun"Symphonic Poem

performed by the Global Symphony Orchestra  in Akardenhof, Vienna

2018: Belt & Road "Birds" Symphonic Poem

performed by the Global Symphony Orchestra in Charles Church, Vienna

2019: Seasonal Gemstones Suite

performed by the Global Symphony Orchestra in City Hall, Hong Kong and Shanghai




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