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Global Symphony Orchestra (GSO)

GSO is a charitable non-profit organisation.

The missions are:

1. to promote peace with music globally

2. to promote cultural exchange 

3. to promote Hong Kong / Chinese professional musicians.


2013    - GSO founded by Maestro Mak Ka Lok,

             -  "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concerts"

             -  Unesco "Peacemaker's Celebration" concert

             -  Concerts at the historical Sunbeam Theatre 

2014    - "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concerts"

             - Asian Film Academy Award charity concert  

             - "Ode to Joy" concert for ten thousand at Hong Kong Coliseum

2015    -  "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concert"

             - ISCM - "Musicarama" Festival concert 

2016    - "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concerts"

             - Concert at Grand Theatre, Wenzhou, China

             - Concert with world famous tenor Andrea Bocelli in Macao

2017    -  "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concerts"

             - Concert at Grand Theatre, Wenzhou, China

2018    - "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concerts"

             - Received from Austria "Austrian Music Theatre Prize"

             - Concert at Charles Church in Vienna

2019    - "Mak Ka Lok World Symphony Concerts"

             - Debut in the 12th China Art Festival, Shanghai

             - Debut in the Chopin Festival, Quangzhou

             - Peace Concert in City Hall

             - Performed  in the CCTV new years programme

Artists performed with GSO:

Andrea Bocelli (tenor), John Nuzzo (tenor), Warren Mok (tenor), Jiang Jing (tenor), Lan, Rao (soprano), Samantha Chong (soprano), Soo Yeon Kim (soprano), Aliena Wong (pianist), Annacecile Nayun Kim (pianist), Elena Tanski (violinist), Karel Untermueller (viola), Bonjiu Koo (violinist), Samantha Lam (pop singer), Louie Castro (pop singer), Linda Wong (pop singer), Miriam Yeung (pop singer), Alfred Hui (pop singer), Wong On Yuen (Erhu), Tam Po Shek (Chinese flute), the Opera Society of Hong Kong,  Allegro Singers.


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