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梁祝二重唱 Butterfly Lovers duett

1992年我與北京中央愛樂樂團錄製了《梁祝》小提琴協奏曲,該小提琴協奏曲由二胡演奏。該唱片獲得了白金獎。多年來,我腦海中一直浮現一個想法,為什麼我們不能唱協奏曲。因此,我嘗試將歌詞放入協奏曲中。這首協奏曲被配樂為女高音和男高音的浪漫二重唱。GSO將於2024年9月19日於香港大會堂音樂廳演出《梁祝二重唱》。女高音部分將由香港女高音Samantha Chong 演唱,男高音部分將由 Jing Jiang 博士演唱。這將是一場首演。麥大師 

In 1992 I recorded with the Central Philharmonic Orchestra in Beijing the "Butterfly Lovers" violin concerto, performed by the erhu. The recording won a platinum award. For many years, an idea has been floating around my mind, about why the concerto cannot be sung. So, I tried to put lyrics into the concerto. The concerto is scored as a romantic duet for soprano and tenor. The GSO will perform the Butterfly Lovers' Duet on 19 September 2024 at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall. The soprano part will be sung by Hong Kong soprano Samantha Chong and the tenor part by Dr Jing Jiang. This will be a premiere performance. Maestro Mak

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(The photo was taken in the concert before the recording in Beijing, 1992) 

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